Welcome to the Ames Fan Club, your prime source for information about Ames Department Stores.  Since the defunct chain's final days, our website has set out to preserve the memory, as well as archive pictures, videos, articles, and more.  Here you can browse our extensive photo archive, look up an Ames near you in our detailed store locator, chat in the message board, or even help contribute!


Outplacement Materials

Here you can find forms and templates offered to employee's in Ames's final days.  From a list of emphasizing adjectives to resume's, you can find them here!

The history of a nametag.  Here you'll see the evolution of the Ames associate nametag from the early 80's all the way to Ames's final months.


Old News


February 18, 2008

Added Region and District #'s to store locator, updated locations


August 16, 2007

Added stores to store locator from 1991 Phone Directory


July 27, 2007

Added pictures from Zayre88


July 20, 2007

Added pictures from Abington road trip, various websites

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