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Look below for a comprehensive list of Ames located in this state.  You could have also called 1-800-SHOP-AMES (1-800-746-7263) to connect to their 24-hour automated store locator.  If you notice any discrepancies or have a location to add, contact Amesguy or fill out our Store submission form.


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  Store # Plaza Street Addr. City State ZIP Phone # Map
1421 East Cone Blvd. Greensboro NC 27405
3701 High Point Rd. Greensboro NC 27407
Westchester Dr. High Point NC
Sanford Mall 854 Spring Ln. Sanford NC 27330
1233 Long Leaf Mall 4302 Shipyard Blvd. Wilmington NC 28403 910-397-0322
4267 Patterson Ave. Winston-Salem NC 27105
2281 Cloverdale Ave. Winston-Salem NC 27103

Store Key (Tentatively)

Most of the former Zayre Ames's are in the 2000's.
Former Rich's stores are in the 700's.
Former Hill's are in the 1000's (1 + Original Hills Store #).
If it was between 500 & 600 it was a Murphy Mart. Former Jamesways were between 702 & 718.