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447 S. Memorial Dr.
New Castle, IN 47362

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Submitted by: Retail4Life2000

Closed: 1990

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Randy Phelps06-27-2012 14:39 [E,W]
I grew up working there. Started while the store was under the Murphys Mart brand. I am FB friends with that store manager...Harry Tonges, and Terry Bunch. After the coversion to Ames....it carred the store #573
James Thurston09-27-2007 18:39 [E,W]
07.11.05 - Ames first came to New Castle, Indiana, in 1985 when the chain acquired Murphy's Mart. My mom had worked for Murphy's, and remembers the transition to Ames. At the time, Ames and K-Mart were our town's only major chain department stores. Ames was the anchor store for New Castle Plaza. A brand new Hills store opened just north of Ames in 1986, and took away from business. The Ames store in New Castle closed about 1990. (As a side note, Wal-Mart arrived in 1992, and K-Mart was out of business by 1993.) See other New Castle Location for the rest of the story.
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