Store # 0076

Rt. 1
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


Region: 4
District: 34
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Closed: 2002

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Full Time: 26
Part Time: 19

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Jeff Davis01-04-2010 10:27 [E,W]
The Ames store was demolished. The Golds Gym is in an old A&P grocery store.
Andrew09-27-2007 18:16 [E,W]
02.05.05 - After closing, it became a gentlemen's night club. After failing only 2 months after opening, a market opened in the same location, known as the Cape Market. As of now, the market recently closed due to lack of business and plans on demolishing the shopping center for either a target or a new road leading to the city of rehoboth beach.
bobby04-28-2007 16:50 [E,W]
golds gym is actually in the old A&P about 3 miles away. both structure look the same.

ames has been demolished. townhouses are going up in its place. originally, there was talk about Target moving in, but someome else purchased the land and is taking advantage of some serious cash.
Jason02-19-2007 18:04 [E,W]
This store I belive was made into a Gold gym last time I passed it.
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