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Auburn Plaza
1007 W 7th St.
Auburn, IN 46706


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Submitted by: Slee29 / Thomas Taylor
Source: 1991 Phone Dir


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Slee2909-27-2007 18:29 [E,W]
12.13.05 - It started as a Murphy's Mart and turned into Ames in the mid 80s, I think. They totally have redone that area of the plaza since, It used to be a Kroger on one end, the Ames was the featured store of the plaza on the other, and a Rite-Aid pharmacy sandwiched in between. Now there's a Glik's clothing store in the space where Ames was. They have chopped the old Ames footprint into smaller stores. Mediaplay, Dollar General, and a couple of other stores. Including, a temp agency that occupies the old home/garden end.
Patrick Sparkman10-26-2006 18:09 [E,W]
This store was originally a W.T. Grants and then was aquired by G.C. Murphy Co back in 1980, Ames then bought out that chain in 1985, the store now as it sets, is occupied by Glicks family clothing, years back the strip consisted of Kroger on the far left, Revco Drugs in the middle and Ames was on the far right of this particular strip, now the Kroger still remains and the Revco was aquired by Reliable Drugs, where now a Dollar General occupies that space
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