Store # 0764

Village Shopping Center
3440 Village Ct.
Gary, IN 46408


Region: 3
District: 32
Submitted by: Bill A

Closed: 1/2002

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Dave03-10-2008 19:48 [E,W]
Originally a Montgomery Ward store, then became Goldblatts, became Ames when they bought out Goldblatts, is now splitup. It was supposed to be Goldblatts again when the Goldblatt family restarted the business, but went out of business a year after reopening.
Bill A09-27-2007 18:34 [E,W]
09.20.05 - Originally a Montgomery Ward, later Goldblatt's. Became Ames when they reentered Chicago (2000 or 2001). Now is divided up into several stores including Dollar Tree, Lot Stores, and Rent-A-Center or something similar.
08-10-2007 21:44 [E,W]
This location was originally a Goldblatts. Goldblatts closed and it was converted to a Montgomery Ward. It reverted back to a Goldblatts a few years after Montgomery Ward closed. This store became an Ames for a short period of time when Ames purchased the defunct Goldblatts chain in one of many failed attempts by Ames to enter the Chicago market.
Bobby08-08-2007 19:32 [E,W]
Opened in 1950s as Montgomery Wards. Later converted to Goldblatt's, then to Zayre's, then to Ames in the late 1990s. Currently occupied by Aaron Rents and Dollar Tree.
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