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North Brunswick, NJ 08902


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Jerseyboy38109-26-2007 08:23 [E,W]
With the death of the North Brunswick Caldor and Bradlees so close together, the town had an abundance of open retail areas. Ames took the old Caldor and did an extensive remodeling. Caldor's stock room was in the back of the store and the basement was an open shopping area that included electronics, automotive, toys and seasonal. Ames decided to close off the basement, removing the large stairs near the middle of the store. They made the basement their stock area and opened up the sales floor to the back wall of the store. I remember they opened about a year before Ames collapse began. They were never fully staffed. My little brother worked in the Electronics depsrtment adn he was so good (and they were so desperate for people) that they wanted to make him the department head even though he was only 17. He worked there pretty much to the end. I remember the ghost town of a store they had in the late clearance sale days. ONce it closed the store sat empty for a while. At some point a self-storage place moved into the old back door for Caldor that led directly to the old basement sales floor and used the lower level for their business. Eventually a gym moved in, interesting since there always was a small gym in the basement under the next store over. That closed and the new gym opened, complete with a pool built in the front windows of the old store. This mall is no stranger to stores going out of business. It also saw the demise of Woolworths and Grand Union.
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