Store # 1016

Mountaineer Mall
3535 Monongahela Blvd.
Morgantown, WV 26505


Region: 3
District: 25
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Closed: 2002

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Full Time: 26
Part Time: 24

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05-20-2010 10:13 [E,W]
This Ames location was located in a Plaza off of Monongahalea Blvd. The ames store is the only thing left of the origional plaza. Part of the Plaza was tore down and replace by a Golden Corral. A CVS was also built on the site. However, the Ames stands empty.
Jake05-19-2010 17:41 [E,W]
This store has been sitting empty for a few years in Star City. The store was once a Hills.
Butterz09-27-2007 21:47 [E,W]
10.26.05 - When Ames bought Hill's the location on Monongahela Blvd, it became Ames. (now being redeveloped I haven't been home for a few months to find out whats going on there) I remember well Ames at the Mountaineer Mall, as my father worked at the Mall at that time, and I was a Mall brat. I even remember when Ames took over Hills, I was working Downtown and seen the Ames sign come by a flat bed heading to the old Hill's.
Robert11-10-2006 18:03 [E,W]
This is a former Hill's Store. However, the name Mountaineer Mall is incorrect. This is known as Hill's Plaza, the Mountaineer Mall is on the other side of town, and at one time DID have a Murphy's Mart that later became Ames. When Ames closed that store, Wal-Mart moved in. Now Wal-Mart is gone, having opened 2 Super centers in down.
Bobby11-03-2006 14:34 [E,W]
Mountaineer Mall store is now Wal-Mart.
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