Store # 1089

7005 Clairton Rd.
West Mifflin, PA 15122


Region: 4
District: 44
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Closed: 2002

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Full Time: 35
Part Time: 12

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The Fugitive11-23-2010 13:29 [E,W]
Actually there were 3 Ames stores in the area, 2 of them in West Mifflin. The one at the former Kennywood Mall, and this store, which was off of Lebanon Church Rd. Both were originally Hills locations. There was a long-standing Ames location (previously a Murphy Mart) at the bottom of the hill on the other side of the mall, facing Route 51. Technically I think it was in Pleasant Hills. Both that store and this acquired Hills store stayed open as Ames for some time after the merger, even though they were located only about a mile apart.
Dave01-05-2009 20:44 [E,W]
Totally incorrect. There was only one Ames in West Mifflin. It was behind Century 3 Mall. It was at first a Hill's. It now is a Big Lots. The DSW Shoe store is in New Construction circa 2000.
Butterz09-27-2007 21:31 [E,W]
10.26.05 - Located near Century III Mall, this was a former Hill's store as well, I think this store is empty. The other store, fronting 51 was at one time a Murphy's Mart and then It was always Ames as far as I could remember, its now a DSW Shoe store.
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