Store # 1047

4801 McKnight Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Region: 4
District: 45
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Scott04-15-2011 18:25 [E,W]
The store Bob is referring to is a second former McKnight location in Pine Creek Plaza. It closed sometime around 1991 and became a Gabriel's, then was bulldozed to make way for the aforementioned Target.

The given location here refers to North Hills Village Mall, a converted Hill's which began life as a Gimbel's. This one closed with the rest of the chain during the bankruptcy and was in the center court of the mall when it was enclosed. The mall has since been converted to a strip mall and the entire Ames/center court is now a Burlington Coat Factory. Incidentally, there is also a Target at that plaza today.
Bob10-03-2010 03:38 [E,W]
This location is now Target store #2201
Phone Number: (412) 536-1807
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