Store # 0535

Country Side Shopping Center
Rt. 819 S
Mt Pleasant, PA 15666


Region: 4
District: 44
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 23
Part Time: 19

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Victoria Santmyer01-08-2008 13:21 [E,W]
I missed the Ames stores greatly, and this was my home store. My grandmother and mother took me shopping here several times and I loved this store greatly!!! I just think it is the saddest thing that it closed. It shut down in 2001 and that also sadly was the year my Grandmother passed away. Just like my grandma, Ames was an honor to have around!
Jessica Burkey09-27-2007 20:50 [E,W]
02.19.05 - As of November 2004 The store was remodeled and is now a Peebles Department Store.
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