Store # 0029

89 Brooklyn St.
Carbondale, PA 18407


Region: 2
District: 18
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 21
Part Time: 40

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Nanci04-26-2010 10:13 [E,W]
My bad it should have been that the CVS is on the Right side not the left.
Nanci04-26-2010 10:11 [E,W]
Now added to the left side of what used to be Ames, is now a CVS.
Been a while since Ames closed but i think it will forever be known as "The Ames Plaza" by the locals.
David DeCosmo09-27-2007 20:43 [E,W]
05.19.05 - Thought you would like to know that as of 9:45AM today (5/19/05) the former Ames Department store in Carbondale, PA. It will reopen as a Peebles Department Store. The building has been completely renovated. A Dollar Store occupies some of what had been Ames space while the large Peebles store takes up the rest. Ames had been the city's last remaining "Department" store.
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