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Lima Center
2750 Elida Rd.
Lima, OH 45805


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John F (tnseditor)06-10-2008 00:59 [E,W]
This was our local Ames store. It had been a Hills and then made the switch to Ames. I really liked Ames. Shortly after they opened my mom and dad remodeled our kitchen and dining room. We got some really nice dishes from there (and lots of other stuff).
I remember sitting in HomeTown Buffet which was really close to Ames and seeing what was left of the store after a day of demolition. It was just the very front wall with the automatic doors and green background of the sign (the Ames logo was already off). If you couldn't see behind that wall it would like as if the whole store were still there.
Kohls is now on the former site of Ames.
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