Store # 0319

3484 Andover Rd.
Wellsville, NY 14895


Region: 2
District: 15
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 21
Part Time: 27

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Toots77804-03-2011 16:00 [E,W]
I remember this store, liked it better than kmart
Lynda V.E.12-27-2010 20:18 [E,W]
I remember this Ames fondly, we stopped here often as part of our trips to visit my grandparents. I was thinking this store was previously Big N, but am not sure. If anyone could confirm or deny that'd be great. Thanx :)
05-09-2010 21:04 [E,W]
Worked at Ames for a few years, it was a fun place to work, met some great people. I wonder what happened to everyone?
attnamesshpr03-25-2010 20:59 [E,W]
I worked for Ames in the final few years of its existence. I met some great people, and have some great memories from that place.
Keegs01-07-2010 16:10 [E,W]
at one point i lived right across the road from this ames. I can still remember the store's layout, even though it closed 10 years ago. now its a warehouse for a candle company.
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