Store # 0065

1802 Teall Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13206


Region: 2
District: 16
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John Sposato08-24-2009 21:00 [E,W]
I grew up with this store. Later in time, it just felt less enticing, especially since Walmart came to the area (go fig!).
Mr J04-22-2008 08:57 [E,W]
I worked here during the late '80s. Average annual sales at that time were apx $6M with a consistently positive P/L. Inventory was around $1.7M. Staff was a GM, 2 Assistants, 1 Manager trainee (this was a corporate training store), apx 20 FT and 10 PT. The store had a 2 level configuration, with a basement stock and marking room, connected to the main floor loading dock with a conveyor belt. The offices, employee lounge, and layaway storage room were also in the basement.
Captain a+11-26-2006 18:44 [E,W]
02.15.04 - Occupied by a Chinese restaurant and a Dollar Tree.
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