Store # 0038

1260 Rt. 104
Ontario, NY 14519


Region: 2
District: 15
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 19
Part Time: 43

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Jim Fowler10-19-2006 09:47 [E,W]
I just stumbled onto your website about Ames. I worked at #0038 in Ontario, NY for 15 years and was one of 5 employees who stayed after the closing to package up computer equipment and personnel documents to be shipped to the home office. Met a lot of great people during my time there and have some fond memories. I had hoped when the store closed we might be able to start an on-line Ames Alumni web site just so everyone could keep in touch. It never happened since I don't have the computer skills to accomplish it but it's cool to see someone else pick up the mantle. And just to give you a quick update on the store itself, it was vacant for some time until 2004 when it was turned into a wholesale & used book store named Books, Books. So neither the sign on the store nor the road sign for the plaza say Ames anymore. Sadly the book store also filled for bankruptcy and had its assets seized. So the store sits there empty of a viable business but filled with books and furniture items (the owner tried to diversify by adding non-book stock to the store in hopes of getting more clientele in the door.) I had a chance to work for him for a short time so I got to look around the old building. I also got to see inside the Ames (# 0311) in Newark, NY since he also converted that location into a book store. And in my time with the company (Ames) I saw the inside of many of the stores in our distract. Stores in Henrietta (#2211…I think) and Webster (#0327) (which both closed before the entire chain did), Macedon (#0075) (where I was trained in receiving), Albion (#0030) and Auburn (#0242) (both of which I helped remodel) and Canandaiqua (#2217). Henrietta is now a Big Lots and Webster is now the town’s public library. I still have contact with a number of former employees so I may be able to pick their brains for more info. I also now work with three former Ames employees at the Webster Target so we’re still out there punching the clock in the retail world! Anyway, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this site. I’ll direct some others to it and maybe we can help fill in some of the blanks for you or just add to the nostalgia.
~ Jim
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