Store # 0079

Ames Plaza
2221 Main St.
Collins, NY 14034


Region: 2
District: 14
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 20
Part Time: 17

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Amanda11-29-2007 15:46 [E,W]
I actually stumbled across this site in a search I did after waking up from a dream that I was Christmas shopping at Ames. I miss that store.It was within walking distance to my house. I always did my christmas shopping there. I can still remember the entire layout of the store. I was pregnant with my first son in the summer of 2002 and I bought some baby outfits there as soon as I knew I was having a boy. Shortly after that it closed. Now the building just sits empty and vandalized. It's so sad.
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