Store # 0711

Hanover Mall
527 Wrightstown-Sykesville Rd.
Wrightstown, NJ 08562


Region: 4
District: 38
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 34
Part Time: 26

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a Jersey Ames fan05-07-2008 00:06 [E,W]
I had my best finds at this Ames store. I miss this one the most.
Steve Greer09-27-2007 19:33 [E,W]
06.07.04 - This Ames used to be a Jamesway until 1995 when Jamesway filed for chapter 11 Ames moved into the property in 1996, it was a good store very modern. The store started to go sour when the main road to the large town next door was shut off due to military roads in the area. It closed in September 2002 remained abandoned until 2004 when 1/4 of the store was setup for a Family Dollar store which is doing okay business in an almost abandoned shopping center. There was a plan to convert the Ames into a night club since it is large enough. This store is missed since it was only 15 minutes away and Wal-Mart is 30.
JON FROM NJ09-22-2006 14:16 [E,W]
I have pics of this.....NE.VZE.COM
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