Store # 0278

396 Rt. 57 W
Washington, NJ 07882


Region: 2
District: 21
Submitted by:

Closed: 2002

Associates at close:
Full Time: 27
Part Time: 30

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Nick Kaufman06-17-2012 13:18 [E,W]
We are woring to open the other half of Ames Dept store into a New store in 2012
Nick Kaufman07-26-2011 18:21 [E,W]
The other half is still empty as of 7/22/11
Tim Mischka06-29-2011 09:38 [E,W]
I've only seen the store in passing, as we moved here in 2004. (I'm 12 years old, so my first contact with Ames was when my teacher gave me a pack of Crayolas to use and there was a sticker coupon on it for Ames, and I asked her what Ames was. Recently, the Tractor Supply has taken over the old Ames road sign, and the Ames signage on the store itself has been taken down. Not many stores are left in that strip today.
Kenneth01-27-2011 14:40 [E,W]
This store was a big deal when it opened. People in Washington previously had to drive 10 miles out of town for a dept. store. I remember buying my first cassette tape here.
Amesloyalist05-10-2010 09:45 [E,W]
This was another great store in a small town. Miss the trips with the kids everything reasonably priced.
nick kaufman04-04-2009 19:02 [E,W]
The other half of Ames will become produce market in June 2009
nick kaufman11-27-2006 21:04 [E,W]
the other half is still empty
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