Store # 0237

6 Stillwater Ave.
Orono, ME 04473


Region: 1
District: 12
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Full Time: 23
Part Time: 25

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Joseph Andrade11-28-2006 21:56 [E,W]
09.22.05 - 237 was what one of my managers called a "Red Store" - 1980's store prototype with the A's on the wall. The landlord hated us because he couldn't raise the rent so our parking lot was a mess, the entire shopping center was remodeled right up to Ames. We had red shopping carts for the longest time and we got green ones we got about 3 different sizes, which made it a pain in the butt to bring carts inside. I remember how we had microphones at the Service Desk and layaway for paging before we finally got the new phone system.
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