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em02-10-2012 21:13 [E,W]
Kennywood actually did rent this old Hills/Ames for a time, then took over and bought the lower Kmart plaza. After the location was rented out for a few years to some sort of weekend only flea market or other similar business, the existing building's storefront was remodeled and the interior subdivided, athough interestingly they only focused on those areas, leaving the department labels on the back and side walls inside until tenants moved in. Current tenants include Roses and Fitness 19. The old interior mall wasn't completely torn down, just the back sections, as the current storefronts were all remodeled but are still from the original old mall. While still looking new, all structures in the strip are still part of the old mall.
The Fugitive11-23-2010 13:25 [E,W]
This was a former Hills location that became an Ames store after the acquisition. Employees there pegged the grand opening date as Hills around 1978. Originally it was the anchor store of the enclosed Kennywood Mall. At some point in the late 80's/early 90's the mall was torn down and replaced with the current strip shopping center.
pinky dinky doo07-19-2009 16:43 [E,W]
there was an ames in brigeville i was 3/1 2 months old dec 1996 my mom, tooked me there i cried whole time other time i lived on treetop on weekend we were drving on us 19 north they were closing ames in oct 2008 my family dom anthony mom and dad and i went to giant eagle on us 19 north i saw ames sign between giant eagle and eye place then on nov 4th 2008 in school WPSD i told atorm about ames sign
Laurie04-28-2008 18:46 [E,W]
The store is NOT owned by Kennywood. It has been sectioned off - a thrift store is now is the far right segment of the store. Kennywood bought the former K-Mart property across the road, tore it down and now use it for park storage.
Butterz11-20-2007 16:41 [E,W]
This was a former Hill's store, located above Kennywood Park. The park now owns the store and uses it for storage.
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