Store # 1235

Mill Creek Pavilion
2080 Interchange Rd.
Erie, PA 16565


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District: 14
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pat08-23-2010 20:19 [E,W]
now used as All Season's Market Place!
Heather06-05-2008 22:27 [E,W]
Actually the previous poster is mistaken Dick's and that whole building was there before Ames. I was out there in 2006 and the building was still there. I believe it is gone now in favor of a hotel or the parking lot of a business in the old Children's Palace. which is not very far from the hotel. But as of 2006 the building was still there. The pavilion hasn't really changed much since 2000 and Ames was still in business then I believe.. If I get out there and it is still there, I'll snap a couple pictures and if not I'll snaps some anyway so we can clear up where the building actually was.
Tom09-14-2006 12:30 [E,W]
This Ames has been torn down and the Millcreek Pavillion has been rebuilt. It now has stores such as Michaels, Linens N' Things, Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods, among others.
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