Store # 0721

Falmouth Shopping Center
251 Rt. 1
Falmouth, ME 04105


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District: 11
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Daria01-16-2010 19:53 [E,W]
This was a King's, then Rich's - my grandmother lived in Falmouth so we went to Rich's a lot when I was a little kid. It became an Ames after I went to college and moved to NH, and I don't think I set foot in it as an Ames. Shaw's rebuilt the plaza a few years ago and built a huge new store where the Ames and Rite-Aid (formerly Wellby's) were. My grandmother worked at the Weight Watchers corporate offices, formerly in the same office park (in the ugly glass building to the right of Ames). There was also a Chinese restaurant in the plaza which would serve adult beverages to underage kids (I heard stories, it wasn't me, honest!)
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