Store # 0206

Maple Ave.
Claremont, NH 03734


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Submitted by: D. Fife


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07-20-2011 09:15 [E,W]
I worked at the Claremont store from Oct. 1989 to Feb. 2004. It closed about 2 years or so later, so I would say 1996 or 1997.
TRJ2248701-04-2009 15:16 [E,W]
Oh my goodness, open your eyes! Scrolling down the page D_fife has already put up a picture of the store AND IT IS EXACTLY AS I THOUGHT! Just a barren little plaza standing all on it's own. I'm positive it had the red logo now and I'm positive I was here, and completely had forgotten about it. Amazing to see this picture, memories are flooding in right now
TRJ2248701-04-2009 15:09 [E,W]
I thought I dreamed this Ames up! I'm guessing this one closed in the late 80's or very early 90's because I lived in Claremont for years and thought Kmart and Walmart were the only stores, but I had vague memories of an Ames around that area, but just thought it wasn't true. Now I feel like it was. Looking at the map I just can't picture where exactly that is, but I feel confident I was there 20+ years ago now. I am pretty sure it had the red logo and paint, I think this was the only one I went to that had the red logo. Wow, it blows my mind to even be told Claremont had an Ames, because I never thought one existed, but I feel all of these repressed buried toddler memories coming out. Next time I go to claremont I need to figure out where the building is, if it still stands!
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