Store # 0606

Parkman Rd.
Warren, OH 44485


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Submitted by: Thomas Taylor
Source: 1991 Phone Dir


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Eric05-31-2010 22:18 [E,W]
I remember walking to this plaza location from the Westside to buy Atari Games at either Murphys/Ames or the Revco!
Rob06-19-2008 09:14 [E,W]
I remember there being a Revco next to it, they both were out of business by the mid 90's. I think there was a Riverside grocery store in the plaza that eventually became a Food Land.
Evilfurnaceman02-12-2008 23:10 [E,W]
Entire complex demolished. The city of Warren overrode the property owners and demolished the property themselves and sent the deadbeat landlord a nice big fat bill.
09-27-2007 20:37 [E,W]
10.13.04 - Was originally Grants City, then Murphy Mart. Closed after first bankruptcy. Entire plaza vacant and awaiting demolition (had been condemned by city).
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