Store # 0020

231 E. Main St
Westfield, MA 01085


Region: 0
District: 0
Submitted by: Thomas Taylor
Source: 1991 Phone Dir

Closed: Around 1988

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01-24-2009 15:29 [E,W]
The store hung on until about 1995.
Guest04-16-2008 14:36 [E,W]
Currently an Ocean State Job Lot and a Staples occupy that space. It's on its 3rd re-incarnation since Ames. It was an Edwards Supermarket for awhile, then a Stop & Shop, and now it's what's mentioned above.

This store did not close for the lack of business. It was busy a lot of the time but not one of their larger locations - the one in Southwick was much bigger. This was an old-school one as well. For the longest time this store had the really old-school block lettering on the front of it. Resembling the A font you showed in that one particular store in Great Barrington. They eventually changed over to the current logo but it was way after the other ones did.

Truth be told I always thought Caldor was way better than Ames. It just seemed like they had better stuff and it wasn't as grimey looking.
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