Store # 0592

607 Wagner Ave.
Greenville, OH 45331


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District: 0
Submitted by: Retail4Life2000 / Thomas Taylor
Source: 1991 Phone Dir

Closed: 1992

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VolleyTroy09-27-2007 20:22 [E,W]
08.02.04 - Was originally a Jamesway in the 70's.
VolleyTroy09-27-2007 20:22 [E,W]
07.07.04 - Location submitted. Always an Ames that I can remember, now a Big Lots...yet another interesting store design. Up until about 2000 the Ames "enter/exit" signs sat by the roadways. Put up great competition against K-Mart and Harts (does anyone have any info about what happened to this chain? I've always wondered about them).
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