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811 S. Centerville Rd.
Sturgis, MI 49091


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Submitted by: Retail4Life2000 / Thomas Taylor
Source: 1991 Phone Dir

Closed: 1992

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James01-02-2012 15:49 [E,W]
3D (Danners Discount Department Store) was on the far east side of town - nowhere near Ames. It went out of business before Ames bought the Murphy Mart and converted it to Ames.

The former Ames store is now a Krogers ... with the former Krogers store in the same plaza converted to other stores. When Ames closed the Sturgis store it was one of the top performers in the nation, however other stores in the district were not and keeping the one good store open was not cost effective.

K-Mart was left as the only department store in town until WalMart arrived. Then Walmart expanded to a Supercenter.
Bobby09-27-2007 19:16 [E,W]
03.18.05 - Was a 3D before it was Ames, according to City Hall. They're pretty sure it's now Michigan Corrugated, though I still think it's a Glik's.
Bobby09-27-2007 19:16 [E,W]
01.23.06 - Was originally Murphy Mart, then Ames, and is now a Wal-Mart.
Bobby09-20-2006 22:41 [E,W]
Was known as "3D" before Ames.
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